“The administration of a business is like the engine in a car. When it is running well, it is quiet, you do not even notice it. If we check it regularly, taking the right maintenance steps at the first sign of trouble, it can last a long time. In the same way, within the mass of the data, you need to see the system, find the interfaces, the control points and the business is running smoothly, everything is running nicely.”

Krisztina has nearly thirty years of experience in data management and administration, with knowledge acquired at multinational and domestic companies. Indeed, Krisztina is the extremely precise, tireless engine of our team, who joined us in 2020. She handles administrative tasks related to patents, trademarks, designs and utility models: liaising with partners, renewing trademarks, checking and paying maintenance fee lists. She is also responsible for the financial tasks at the law office.


  • Business administrator course
  • Business information technology course
  • Business administration of companies – Business Administration of Economic Affairs
  • Programming Excel in Visual Basic language
  • Industrial Property Training (intermediate level) – Hungarian Intellectual Property Office

Language skills: