In today’s world – especially in Hungary – one of the most important resources is the human creative mind and the most valuable treasure is the intellectual work thereof whether embodied in a revolutionary new invention, a creative advertisement concept, or an artistic work enchanting the moment. Yet, the adequate legal protection of the intellectual property is just as important as the creative work itself, which protection requires special knowledge and expertise beyond the traditional legal praxis.


Trademark is probably the most important indication: in everyday language, we usually call it a ’logo’ or a ’brand’. Trademark grants exclusive rights to the owner for the use of the mark. The most important characteristic of the inventive trademark is that the consumers are able to recognize and connect the goods and services with the owner of the mark.


Copyright protects literary, scientific, and artistic creations. Furthermore, the so-called neighbouring rights related to copyright also enjoy protection, in other words: the performances of musicians, actors, phonograms, programmes of radio and television organisations.


Patent protects the invention in any field of technology that is new, involves an inventive step and is susceptible of industrial application. The protection of the patent is valid up to twenty years.


Design grants protection for the appearance of the whole or part or the ornamentation of the product. This industrial property protection form is popular among the handicrafts due to its low registration and maintenance costs. In my opinion, designs are slightly pushed into the background compared to patents or trademarks, although the appearance of the product can be decisive in the choice of the consumer.

E-commerce law and domain law

E-commerce is the sale of goods and services via electronic channels. E-commerce law is one of the most dynamically developing law areas.It is connected to other areas of law such as consumer protection law, competition law, trademark law, data protection law, and civil law.