Copyright protects literary, scientific, and artistic creations. Furthermore, the so-called neighbouring rights related to copyright also enjoy protection, in other words: the performances of musicians, actors, phonograms, programmes of radio and television organisations. Compared to industrial property rights – like trademark or patent –, copyright cannot be registered, but still it enjoys protection from the moment when it was created until seventy years following the author’s death. Although the name of the voluntary register of works might be misleading, this kind of register does not grant protection, it only serves as evidence.

The most frequently raised question in my practice is whether a particular work can be considered as creation, since this is exactly the preliminary question of the legal dispute. In order to avoid a long-lasting and expensive legal procedure – if the other party is open to this solution – we ask for the opinion of the Council of Copyright Experts.

Our office provides the following services:

  • Legal advice and strategic planning in connection with the creation

  • Representation in the voluntary register of works

  • Preparation of licence agreement

  • Representation in copyright infringement procedure

  • Representation in the search and permitting the use procedure of orphan works

  • Legal advice concerning collecting management organizations.